We have all heard the term sand blasting but what does it really mean and is it something you should consider having done?

Sand blasting, also referred to as shot blasting, is simply the process of smoothing and cleaning a hard surface using solid particles propelled and forced at high speeds at the hard surface using compressed air. The materials used in sandblasting are no longer actually sand! The abrasive materials are all now referred to as blast media. A reputable company will source their blast materials to ensure they are non toxic, and environmentally safe.

So now we know what sandblasting is, is it right for your project? Have you bought a new home with dingy or painted wooden beams? They can easily be restored back to the stunning natural wooden beams they once were.Perhaps you have lived with painted or dark/ worn beams for many years and are just getting fed up? There is a solution, and thank goodness it is not hand stripping ( This would not only be very messy, but would take a very long time for less than great results ) The sandblasting process can really change a living space into something spectacular!

It is a common idea that the restoration can take a long time or that a lot of mess will be left behind, and that is true unless you find an experienced, professional company with the right equipment. When done correctly there is minimal debris left behind and care is taken in preparation before the blasting is performed and extraction systems placed for cleaning up during and after. For internal beams there is a time frame of 1-3 days depending on the size and placement of the beams. Sand blasting is very versatile, it can also be used for external wall paint, window frames, vehicles, garden furniture, external and internal wall paint!

If this is something you have been considering for many years or looking into for your new property remember to find a company that will give you the results you want! Here are some bullet points to remember when choosing a company to sand blast in your home:

  • Do they have professional insurance?
  • Are their staff up to date with training and certifications?
  • Do they have extraction systems that are right for the job?
  • Do they have the best possible materials to blast with?
  • Do they have a long standing independent reputation within their community?
  • Will they assess the beams and look at the job without charging?

If you have any questions about your upcoming projects, give a company you can trust a call. Alberny restorations is a superior sandblasting company that goes above and beyond your expectations to provide you with the absolute best possible outcome for any of your sandblasting needs. Restoration is their passion. Serving the South West of England for almost 20 years, having completed restoration projects for district councils, the department of defense, architects, homeowners and vehicle owners, there is no job too big or too small. The highly trained staff, materials, insurances, equipment, experience, knowledge and honesty means you know you are getting the job done right! Alberny Restorations will never be beaten on a like for like quote.
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