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Timber Soft Blast and Soda Crystal Blast Cleaning

The Timber Blast Cleaning Process

Our soft blast and soda blast cleaning processes can be used on both new and old, hardwood and softwood. Paint, stains and years of grime can be readily removed from old wooden floors, roof beams, oak frames and lintels to restore them to their natural beauty using our specialist blasting equipment.

Alberny have a great deal of experience in the restoration of old building timbers. Our sandblasting systems remove old paint, stains and lime with minimal abrasion to the wood surface.

We have cleaned all kinds of woodwork from softwood stair cases, banisters and oak panelling, to painted roof trusses and doors both old and new.

Sandblasting Paint Removal

Whether on stairs, wooden furniture, timber beams or other wood, paint can be a difficult substance to remove without damaging the wood underneath. Using a coarse calcium based grit we can blast clean any paint restoring your timber back to its original, natural glory.

Victorian Flooring Blast Cleaning

You will commonly find a black edge on Victorian wood floors, which for those of you who don’t know is actually wax. We commonly find that many people struggle to clean this as any cleaning method that creates friction results in the wax melting and not being removed. As blast cleaning is cold and non-abrasive this is the perfect method for restoring Victorian flooring.

Soda Crystal Timber Blast Cleaning

As blast cleaning can be an abrasive procedure we use soda crystal cleaning for any dirty wood or veneered furniture that you just want to be cleaned, as this minimises any damage.

As well as cleaning dirty or veneered wood we use soda crystal blast cleaning on any wood which surrounds glass; whether that is furniture or house windows. Using soda crystals will ensure no damage is done to the glass.

Green Oak Frames

Green oak frames are one of our specialist area and by using our experience to match the right calcium silicate blasting medium and process pressure, we are able to clean to a warm natural oak colour or age the appearance of the wood without leaving any unwanted marks.

Staircase Soft Blast Cleaning
Wood Beam Sandblasting
Wooden Frame Soft Blast Cleaning
Wood Soft Blast Cleaning

See more images of timber restoration below

Grade II Listed Door Restoration Project

Check out how we helped to restore this ancient Grade II listed door using our specialist softblast cleaning methods.

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Some more examples of timber sandblasting achievements:

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