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Soft Blast and Soda Blasting Services for Masonry

The Masonry Blast Cleaning Process

Our blast cleaning processes can be used on all kinds of masonry including stone and brickwork, flagstone floors, inglenook fire places, mullions, coins and render.

We specialise in the careful restoration of many parts of your building, from removing paint from the whole of the outside to let your building breathe, to removal of coatings ready for new. As paint is a hard substance to remove from masonry our team use either a calcium or stone grit cleaning method to achieve the desired result whilst also amending the pressure to ensure there is no damage to the substrate.

Floors and Fireplace Softblast Cleaning

Similarly to other masonry blast cleaning we use softblast techniques when cleaning any stone flooring or fireplaces. Flagstone floors whether covered in bitumen, red lead, concrete or years of grime can be resurrected to their previous glory by our trained staff. We also provide a cleaning and repair service for inglenook fireplaces where we clean any soot and black paint and finally repoint them if required.

Masonry Wet Blasting

Our team are always particularly wary of the effects blast cleaning has on other people and the surrounding environment; as masonry blast cleaning can create a lot of dust when conducting this service in residential or built up areas we use wet blast techniques to reduce the dust issue.

Soda Blast Cleaning

Blast cleaning using soda crystals is a much more delicate cleaning process which means it is ideal for the restoration of Grade II listed buildings, stone mullion windows and any general cleaning of buildings.

We use the right systems to get the best results. Grade II listed buildings are a speciality with our knowledge and experience, we can clean with the latest machinery using low pressure and medias like soda crystals and chalk, as recommended by architects, local authorities, historians and restoration companies.

Sandblasted fireplace

Masonry Soft Blasting Alberny Restorations Ltd.
Masonry Building Sandblasting Restoration
Fireplace Blast Cleaning
Sandblasting Stone Floor

See more images of masonry and building sandblasting below…

Grade II Listed Cottage Sandblasting Project

Find out more about our sandblasting for masonry in action by checking out one of our latest projects where we used blast cleaning to remove paint coatings from a Grade II listed cottage.

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Some more examples of masonry sandblasting achievements:

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