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Mobile Blast Cleaning Restoration Services

Whether you have domestic or industrial sandblasting needs our expert team can provide you with the ideal mobile sandblasting service. Using sandblasting as your chosen restoration technique we can use non-chemical methods to help restore your building or object back to its former glory by removing unwanted paint, rust, grime and other unwanted substances.

Our sandblasting, grit blasting, soda blasting, shot blasting and other blast cleaning services can help make your property or object look like new. But it is important to understand that different materials require different blast cleaning techniques to achieve the best results, whether it is masonry, timber or metal we can help you.

Sandblasting a Masonry Building


Our soft blast and soda blast cleaning processes can be used on all kinds of masonry including stone and brickwork, flagstone floors, inglenook fire places, mullions, coins, render and Grade II listed buildings.

Sandblasting Roof Timber Frames


Our soft blast and soda blast cleaning processes can be used on both new and old, hardwood and softwood. Paint, stains and years of grime can be readily removed from old wooden floors, timber beams, oak frames and lintels.

Metal Sandblasting


Our blast cleaning for metal can be used on all kinds of machining’s, castings, fabrications & assemblies. From church bells to water wheels we have the expertise to remove rust & paint and prepare surfaces ready for priming

Industrial Sandblasting


We have been involved with the conversion and restoration of barns, factories, shopping centres, warehouses, breweries, & many other industrial projects. Our vast knowledge & experience help to complete near impossible tasks, quickly, safely & within budget.


Doff Cleaning System

We now offer our customers a high pressure steam cleaning process, which is ideal for softer masonry materials such as brickwork and limestone. It can be used to remove paint, clean away grime and kills lichen, but most importantly does not affect or damage the surface of the cleaned area. This process is also Grade II listed approved.


Blast Room

Alberny restorations now offer in house services, in our purpose built blast room. Fully equipped with extraction systems, lighting, hangar doors and rubberized walls.

Providing commercial and industrial services from engineering solutions to the restoration of classic cars, vehicle parts, household items, furniture and everything in between.

Car Sandblasting


We look forward to helping you on your sandblasting projects. Feel free to call and discuss any aspects of our work which may help you.

On top of our standard masonry, timber and metal blast cleaning we can also help restore any vehicle.


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