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Metal Sandblasting and Shot Blasting Restoration

Metal Sandblasting and Shot Blasting

Our cleaning processes can be used on all kinds of machining’s, castings, fabrications and assemblies made from all kinds of metals.

Our low pressure blasting sytems enable us to clean and restore a whole range of metal items from large structures and frameworks to delicate metal objects. Items made from most commonly used metals such as aluminium, steel, cast iron, bronze can all be gently cleaned and restored using our specialist grits.

Our sandblasting systems can also be used on Victorian fire places, metal stairways, building framework and supports, gates and railings and vehicles of every description.

Shot Blasting Metal

As metal blast cleaning can absorb a much more heavy duty process of blast cleaning when it comes to non-specialist metals we use our shot blasting method with either a stone or calcium grit to achieve the ideal results.

Specialist Water Wheel Soda Grit Blast Cleaning

From church bells to water wheels we have the expertise to remove rust and paint and prepare surfaces ready for us to immediately prime paint. Respecting our environment is an important consideration we put in place before any sandblasting project and for a recent job involving a water wheel we ensured that we used a specialist soda grit to avoid contaminating the water and affecting the nearby environment.

Metal Recoating

We can also offer a recoating service, so on the same day we can blast clean any metal back to the base metal colour, then apply a red prime coat for heat resistance ready for the final covering of your choice.

Fancy Metal Gates

Tractor Sandblasting Restoration
Cast Iron Radiator Sandblasting
Metal Bell Sandblasting

See more examples of metal cleaned by Alberny below…

Just to say a big thank you for my fabulous metalwork… and exceptional customer service!  I will send photos when they are back up.


Cast Iron Radiator Cover Blast Cleaning

Want to find out more about our metal sandblasting services? Take a look at how we helped restore this Victorian cast iron radiator cover using a coarse blast cleaning technique.

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Some more examples of industrial sandblasting achievements:

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