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Oak Frame Cleaning

Oak Frame Cleaning

As well as our four mobile teams that work across the country, we also specialise in cleaning all types of oak frames and timber! We have several systems for cleaning stone, brickwork, render etc to remove any tannin stains caused by the oak frames.

There are plenty of media options we utilise depending on the type of surface and desired result.

We have both the DOFF & Thermatech machines which use concentrated, pressurised steam to remove paint and clean stone/brick.

Whilst some people desire the faded / greying oak many others want it brought back to its original beauty. We can help in the revitalising of aging greying external oak or water damaged internal oak.

Another highlight of Alberny’s oak and timber services is our highly used in-house facility, with heavy load gantry system, forklifts for loading / unloading and multiple purpose built blast rooms. The In-house facility is for everything that can be done off site, for example; Oak frames themselves or flooring, ceilings, paneling, kitchens etc. We clean oak or texture it to clients specifications!

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