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Doff Cleaning System

The Doff Cleaning System

The Doff Cleaning Process

The Doff cleaning system is a new process we have adopted to offer our customers an alternative to our soft blast process.

It uses super conducted steam to clean instead of abrasive media, though the process is slower it is ideal on softer masonry materials such as brickwork and limestone as it does not affect or damage the surface area.

This process can be used to remove modern paint from brick and stone work to allow your building to breathe again, by effectively melting the paint off the walls whilst leaving the surface completely intact.

It is also an ideal process for cleaning a build up of dirt and grime from pollution to years of build up, also killing any lichen and other biological matter stopping this from growing back immediately after being cleaned.

Another benefit of using this process is that it is a dust free alternative, therefore creates less mess and is able to be used around other workers more freely or in more built up areas such as high streets and town centers.

Can be used on all masonry materials, from brick to stone walls to paved patios and paths. This process is also fully approved and in some cases recommended by the Grade II listed planning committee.

See more images of the DOFF Cleaning System below…

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Some more examples of what the Doff Cleaning System can achieve:

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