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Grade II Listed Door Restoration

Grade II Listed Door Softblast Cleaning

We have worked on a number of projects for Grade II listed buildings in which if we are restoring the masonry or timber materials we use specialist softblast cleaning techniques to ensure that there is minimal impact on the building.

For this project we were required to start the restoration on an ancient door; we had to remove the layers of distemper, gloss black paint and creosote. It was amazing just how many layers of gloss were actually on this door. By using our softblast machine with calcium used as the medium we were able to gently remove each layer at a time to reveal the wonderful original surface.

After finishing our soft blasting the door was then ready for some remedial work by a carpenter, and also be treated for work and rot so that it can be preserved for another couple of hundred years.

This project perfectly demonstrates the importance of understanding the material which needs to be restored and also the importance of the object as this assured us that softblast techniques were the only route to use.

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