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Thatchers Pub Oak Blast Cleaning Refurbishment

Thatchers are one of the UK’s most prominent cider producers so it is unsurprising that they would venture into the publican world. Thatchers purchased The Railway Tavern as their flagship pub situated at the front of their cider farm. To get it ready for their thirsty customers they had to refurbish the pub which included a fabulous dining area made of green oak and glazing which overlooked the working environment.

Oak Apple Frames manufactured the green oak frames which made up the dining area and were one of our main points of focus for this project. To bring the frames back to a high standard we used a specialist oak blast cleaning method which achieved our desired result before glass was fitted. To ensure that we didn’t interfere with the building schedule we took on our aspect of the project during the weekends.

In addition to the green oak frames we also restored the old cider brewing vats ready to be used as a wonderful feature to their new establishment in Winscombe.

Why not go along and check out the results for yourselves and enjoy a nice glass of cider at the same time.